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R.I.P. Windows XP. 2001-2014

8 Apr

Windows XP and Office 2003 are no longer supported by Microsoft after today.  We fully expect that there will be some nasty exploits targeting Windows XP that will be released in the near future after the final round of updates are issued today.  These exploits will not be patched by Microsoft.  Any computer running Windows XP should be considered unsafe to operate on the internet after today.  A system replacement or upgrade to Windows 7/8 is recommended.   If it is necessary to continue to run Windows XP, a third party commercial anti-virus program is recommended.  Support and updates for Microsoft Security Essentials is also largely ending today as well.  Check out this link for more information from Microsoft.  If you have any questions or need help migrating your XP machines, we are happy to help.  615-472-1014.